Beef Bolognese by Ben the Butcher

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Although I offer you weekly recipes full of nutritious and delicious comfort food, I am by no means a chef. I like to think of myself as an enthusiastic cook. But this week I bring you the real deal! A beef bolognese by Ben the Butcher from Gambrel & Co, our neighborhood butcher.

Not only a butcher, Ben is a trained chef, was the executive chef at Bar Bambino in San Francisco and lived and worked in Italy. That means this bolognese is authentic and easy enough for the enthusiastic cooks out there like me.

When I asked Ben for a recipe, he stopped and made the thinking pose... "all of my recipes are in my head," he said. Perfect, I thought, that's just how I like to cook and share recipes on Food Foundation. The point is your bolognese may taste different and that's OK. Try a little of this, a little of that, omit the spices you don't like, add in the ones you do like, and soon enough it will taste just right.

This pot is giant, so I suggest you cook up a huge batch on the weekend and freeze a few dinners for some lazy future nights. Or, call all of your friends over and have them bring the wine. However you share this meal, be sure to celebrate the dish and use the best quality ingredients you can find.

For those of you that like a recipe, here is what Ben put together for us. Use it like a guideline and like most Italian cooks, taste along the way!