Blue Chakra Yoga

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Vishuddha, the blue throat chakra is the energy center in the neck, throat, thyroid, and voice. This chakra is all about communication with an emphasis on speaking your truth. Go ahead and make some noise during this 20min sequence and speak your truth.

My truth is a little bit frustration as our family begins the 4th week of sheltering in place so I cry, sputter, grunt, sing and kick my way through this practice. If you feel your energy is a little stuck in the throat, come sing or scream with me, and leave your frustrations behind.

The symbol of the blue chakra is the crescent moon and we dive into this pose to help open the entire front of the body. Then we use yoga, meditation, singing, chanting, and even humming because they’ve been scientifically associated with better healthy living. The benefits double and triple when voices are shared in a group. I wish I could be there singing with you in person, but this is the best I can do for now.

From my truth to yours, I wish you peaceful moments, freedom from your frustration, and healthy living.

Your wellness muse,