Detox Friendly Fish and Chips

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

So you want your detox and your comfort food too? Well, we definitely have that in common. I love comfort food especially when someone tells me I cannot or should not eat it. Here is a no guilt, fish and chips recipe that you can eat while on the Food Foundation detox. This recipe is so delicious your friends and family will love it too.

The premise behind most Food Foundation recipes is that you can make substitutions whenever you like. I try to give you the guidelines, but feel free to make changes based on your taste and diet. I want to help change your anxiety when reading a recipe to an inspiration. Remember as long as you use delicious fresh ingredients, your food will be delicious too.

We like to make the butternut fries and dip it all in my homemade mayo. An important tip is to include some fresh greens for added fiber to this meal. We like to serve ours with cole slaw, cabbage salad or you may like this Caesar salad.

Want to make this dish more fun for the kids? Serve it wrapped up in newspaper like they do in England. Have fun when building your healthy food foundation!