Gluten Free Muffins

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Let me start by saying that even though these muffins are gluten free, we are not going to put a lot of "gluten free" garbage into them. Most recipes make up for the fact that the gluten that binds them is gone by adding vegetable shortenings and more sugar. I like to call these naturally gluten free muffins my Guilt Free Muffins because everything that goes into them is real food and really good for you.

My kids devour these and my husband and I love to be able to grab and go with a real food treat on a particularly speedy morning. The best part is they are easy to adjust for different ingredients and they are full of protein and healthy fat.

If you know you have no time in the morning, mix these up the night before. Or bake them the day before and just pop them in the oven to warm up while you shower. These are nut free for those that pout when they see another almond flour recipe. Feel free to play around with the fruit, spices or flavor extracts and make them your own little treasured recipe.