A Happy Meal

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

I am pretty easy to please when it comes to food. As long as it is real, not processed, and cooked with love I get very happy. My kids, however have much higher expectations. Luckily my children ages 5 and 8 have never had a real "happy meal" and I hope it stays that way.

Of course there are 2 things we can never have complete control over. We do not have control over their sleep and their food. You cannot force a child to sleep and you cannot force them to eat. This makes parenting the most difficult job on the planet. We constantly need new tricks to survive and help shape the lives of these independent creatures.

I may never be able to prevent my kids from eating at McDonalds but I can offer them better food at home. One way I find success is to have fun with food. If you have missed some of my earlier posts that involve cooking with kids, you may want to catch these Easy Handmade Sushi rolls, the I Scream Smoothie, or Taco Salad Bar. This recipe however, cuts to the chase and delivers what kids want: a happy meal. We are talking chicken nuggets that are made out of actual chicken, french fries cooked in healthy fats and a soda even the Food Foundation guru would serve.

Note to parents of picky eaters: if your child knows what a happy meal is and eats it regularly, you will not want to call this meal a happy meal. Let's not insult their intelligence, they know the difference. I am simply calling it a happy meal because of the obvious reference and the fact that it is made in the opposite fashion as the SAD diet. Besides when I make this for my family, everyone is happy!