Homemade Yellow Curry

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

One dish everyone in my family will eat is plain white rice with some sort of stew ladled over it. My recent affair with turmeric has inspired many curries and I find this homemade yellow curry to be easy and useful for tossing in whatever veggies I have on hand. You can make this vegetarian with chickpeas for added protein or with chicken, but my favorite is to make fish curry. The sauce is strong enough to cover any fishiness and the soft flesh melts into the dish.

My family enjoys white rice better than brown and I cannot blame them. Brown rice is much harder to digest and it takes a great deal of soaking ahead of time in an acidic medium to reduce the anti-nutrients. I do not mind the soaking and I think brown rice has more nutritional value, but I compromise. I will use white rice, but cook it with bone broth instead of water. This way I know the nutrients that the rice lacks are made up for in the nutrient dense broth and it is easy on their digestive tracts. White rice is high on the glycemic load, so I love to pair it with this coconut milk curry. Remember to add some healthy fats to your rice to slow down the absorption of all that glucose.

Try this curry, it really is an easy dish to experiment with. You can change the veggies and spices to your preference and find your own favorite combinations. Plus you can have it done in the time that it takes to cook the rice. Now that is efficient.