Non-toxic Toothpaste

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Have you been wondering which toothpaste to buy: fluoride, tarter control, whitening? I assure you the companies selling these tubes are trying just as hard to assume what you are going to buy. If you simply ask a dental hygienist, they usually agree that brushing with a little baking soda is fine.

Here is the formula for the non-toxic toothpaste my family has grown to love.  It is a super simple recipe, costs less than a commercial brand and my kids enjoy the flavor. For the past few years that I have used the paste, the hygienist has nary a complaint.

I love to teach my kids to make the paste. They feel more inclined to use their own creations and often brush with pleasure.

After brushing you can rinse with watered down hydrogen peroxide. I recommend about 4 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide. You can measure out 1 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide to 1/4 cup of water or simply pour about a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide into your water cup. Swish and spit for a naturally clean mouth.