Sofrito Minestroni Soup

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

Sounds fancy right? I promise, I don't make fancy food. This is what happened when I had 30 minutes to feed the kids and get to work. I looked in the fridge and must have said at least 5 times, "I can't do this, I have to order take out." But in a moment of clarity I reached for the sausage and every vegetable I could find. In 20 minutes I had a soup my kids couldn't slurp up fast enough.

The trick to this soup is having bone broth on hand, so make that first. With bone broth in your fridge or freezer, a whole new world of quick and easy healthy possibilities will liven up your dinner table.

Don't write this one off just because it says sausage. This would have been just as good with ground turkey or white beans. A typical sofrito is like the french mirepoix or 3 vegetable combination of carrots, onions and celery. I have found improvising on this 3 veg combination to be very successful and tasty no matter what you choose.

Behold, I give you my 20 minute masterpiece...