Stracciatella - Egg Drop Soup

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

I chose the worst possible weekend to visit New York City. It was January 23rd and we received 25 inches of snow by 8p. We were staying in a little apartment on the West side, we had no food, and a cold walk to sustenance.

I quickly mapped out every nearby restaurant and started calling to see who was enduring the blizzard. Success! One little Italian restaurant one block away was open and serving. We tracked through the blizzard in our California boots and settled in for anything. I was on detox and pining for a warm winter soup instead of a heavy pasta dish.

What a treat to find Straciatella, which I thought was a gelato flavor. No, this was a soup with a chicken broth base, spinach, and eggs stirred in to form noodles like the Chinese egg drop soup.

It was such a perfect meal that the blizzard seemed a distant memory. I quickly fell in love with this tiny hole in the wall that stayed open to cater to the crazy city foragers in the snow.

I will forever remember that night, and now I can relive it with such an easy recipe. This is the perfect reason to have bone broth on hand. A rich broth is all you need to build a beautiful soup in minutes and this one will take you no more than 3.