Yellow Chakra Yoga - Core Power

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

This is the fast pace flow of the 7 chakra yoga sequences in my rainbow series. The yellow chakra, Manipura, means lustrous gem and is symbolic of the fire energy burning in your core. Think of your digestive fire, your metabolism burning for energy, and your solar plexus strong in the center of your abdomen.

This chakra is all about firing up your determination to take risks and get the job done. Many of us are feeling cooped up in our homes during the shelter in place at this moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make things happen. I’ve seen artists creating amazing content alone in their homes and though you may not have hours of idle time to spare, I know you can carve out 20 minutes just for you.

This video is to inspire you. You don’t need to get this flow perfect the first time, it’s a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect. Practice it a few times and find joy in the childish jumps and play. Get inspired and take that exhilarating energy into your day.

We are quarantined, we are home, we are confined, but good art comes from torment. I challenge you to stoke the fire and accomplish great things. Even if it’s just changing your PJs for the first time this week. ;)

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And thank YOU for being part of our community fighting for health and wellness.

Your wellness muse,