How Bacon Saved My Life

How Bacon Saved My Life


Bacon Saved My Life Who would've known that bossy children grow up to be leaders? Passionate to lead, I became a dance instructor and choreographer at a very young age. Intent on properly fueling my most valuable tool, my body, I've always had a passion for food.

In College

When schools started pushing the food pyramid (a dangerous abomination) I turned my nose up to my family meals and chose a low-fat diet. In college, I became ethical and decided not to eat animals because of the inhumanity of commercial feedlots. Thankfully, I was raised on pastured animals and whole raw milk with a very strong food foundation.

However 9 years a vegetarian, eating a low-fat diet with high volumes of carbs led me down a very sick path. Injuries were multiplying while I was living off coffee, sugar and adrenaline, foregoing sleep as a waste of time. My PMS and migraines were so bad I went to the emergency room for a shot of Demoral which was all they could offer.

Bacon to the rescue

My husband finally brought me back with the gateway meat… bacon. He had been basically saving my life by frying up pancakes in a cast iron pan rubbed with bacon grease. I didn't know whether to hug him or hit him. 12 years later, I'm now curing our own bacon. Immediately after I began this omnivorous lifestyle I lost 10 pounds, 2 sizes, my injuries ceased, my depression subsided, oh and I got pregnant after a painful miscarriage.

To remain true to my ethics on the treatment of animals I gave up fast food for Slow Food and ate only pastured meats. Thanks to the valuable time my mother spent in the kitchen teaching me how to cook, I'm confident whipping anything up into something healthy and delicious.

My passion is to combine my foodie tastes with the nutritional therapy protocols that create a healthy food foundation. I hope you enjoy my site and use it to your advantage. You don't need to give up your comfort food as long as it's made by hand with REAL food.

If you have a recipe handed down in the family and you need a little help revising it... please send it to me. I'm happy to turn it into REAL food that your family will love.

Bone Broth, Liquid Gold to Heal a Cold

Bone Broth, Liquid Gold to Heal a Cold