Beneficial bacteria snipers

Beneficial bacteria snipers


I get really excited when I hear the topic of beneficial bacteria popping up in the media. There have been conversations about gut bacteria affecting the mind as in "gut feelings", facts that we are actually made up of more bacteria microbes than human cells being disclosed, and doctors admitting that we need beneficial bacteria to survive. Together we can overcome the harmful trend of antibacterial soaps, antibacterial hand sanitizers and all things anti or against the life of our own beneficial bacteria.

This year in my kids' schools, both classrooms skipped washing hands with soap and water and adopted the quick squirt of Purell. I pleaded with the instructors to stop the nonsense of drying out the children's hands and killing their natural defense. I explained this scenario:  You know the kid behind your child has a nasty cold but for some reason they came to school. Your child obediently rubs a toxic gel that immediately kills their protective barrier of beneficial bacteria and of course "sick kid" sneezes on your child who just wiped out their natural protective barrier. Guess who is going to come down with the cold?

If your child is healthy and strong with a decent immune system and plenty of beneficial bacteria, they will not catch that cold. My daughter is going into the third grade and has not yet missed a day of school due to illness. She simply does not catch the colds, the lice or the germs and I believe it is because her beneficial bacteria is resistant and strong. She does not get the flu vaccine, but she does have a strong food foundation.

How do we build strong beneficial bacteria?

When a baby is born, it is supposed to go from the sterile womb through the vaginal canal which is the first natural vaccination of beneficial bacteria. The second natural vaccination arrives in the breast milk. With alarming rates of caesarian births and formula fed babies in America, you can see why we are deficient in beneficial bacteria. When the body does not build a natural immune system of beneficial bacteria, we get sick and take antibiotics which decimate everything.

Think of it like war

Our immune system is like a team of sophisticated snipers targeting only invaders. An antibiotic, however is like dropping a bomb on the entire city taking out the beneficial bacteria snipers too. Unfortunately, antibiotics do not take out yeasts, molds, fungi, or parasites which can hide in the bunkers. These invaders are able to run rampant once the beneficial bacteria snipers are destroyed.

Strengthen the defenses

The natural solution is to strengthen the defenses. Feed the body a healthy food foundation with plenty of enzyme rich probiotic foods and the number of beneficial bacteria snipers will multiply. Use only natural food grade products on your skin to increase the protective barrier. Our own beneficial bacteria is naturally anti fungal, anti yeast, anti parasitic, and anti viral. Our bodies have amazing self healing capabilities.

When we eat refined carbohydrates, refined sugars, receive vaccinations, antibiotics, use antibacterials, take contraceptives, pharmaceuticals, take stomach acid prohibitors, or experience extreme stress our beneficial bacteria is damaged. If the amount of bad bacteria surpasses the amount of beneficial bacteria we develop dysbiosis. This can present itself in your body as the following symptoms.

Symptoms of dysbiosis

  • diarrhea or constipation
  • excessive gas and flatulence
  • white coating on the tongue
  • toenail and fingernail fungus
  • abdominal bloating
  • halitosis
  • hormonal imbalances
  • chronic ear infections
  • yeast and urinary infections
  • acne and eczema
  • parasites

The good news is, our bacteria can bounce right back. We can feed the beneficial bacteria probiotic foods such as fermented krauts, homemade yoghurts, kefir, salt brined pickles, Kombucha and miso. Probiotics can be taken as an oral supplement, but most go right through the system unless we take a prebiotic to feed it. Some brands of probiotics such as Jarrow, already contain prebiotics in them or we can eat soluble fiber from complex carbohydrates such as raw vegetables and whole grains. Check back next week for an article on how to find the right probiotic for you. For the time being, try to incorporate 2-3 servings of fermented foods into your day.


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