Step 1 to Perfect Health

Step 1 to Perfect Health


Are you ready to build your food foundation? Fantastic! I will share the 5 easy steps to reclaim your perfect health by eating REAL food. This week we will focus on Step 1: Remove the Stressors or in my words: You are what you eat, so don't eat cheap shit!

Step 1: Remove the Stressors

We have got to stop putting garbage into our bodies. We are designed to run like a high performance machine on REAL food, it is as simple as that.

REAL food used to be what hunters and gatherers found in their daily duties. It also used to be what the early agriculturists farmed from the earth or took from their livestock. Now, however you walk into a grocery store and packages of chemically formed products line the shelves and none of us know what they are. Worse, these packages have cartoon characters on them, plastic toys in them, and are set at the perfect height for a child to ogle over. One rule I have taught my children is this: if the package has to trick you to buy it, it is not FOOD.

Say No to GMO

GMO is a heated debate right now, but the reality is, these frankenfoods are devastating the health of our people and our environment. My grandmother has a hard time buying organic produce because it is more expensive and I understand. When she was a child, you simply bought tomatoes for 5 cents a pound. Now you can buy tomatoes for 99 cents a pound or ORGANIC tomatoes for $4 a pound and she cringes, not able to justify the difference in the word organic.

GMO foods have only been around since 1997 and are not clearly understood. I try to explain it like this: What if the signs were written with the facts? REAL Tomatoes (organic) $4 a pound or tomatoes full of pesticides guaranteed to give you cancer 99 cents a pound, then which ones would you buy?

GMO foods have changed the entire landscape of our planet and our individual health. The new GMO  seeds of corn, soy, and wheat are resistant to Round Up, Monsanto's pesticide for massive production of a single crop. These single crops defy the natural rules of holistic land management where different plants attract different pests which keep them all in check. When there is only one crop with one pest, the bugs have no predators and they can devastate a crop.

Mono-crops must be sprayed often so the seeds are genetically engineered to withstand massive applications of this toxic spray. Unfortunately, the pesticides are seeping into the soil and into the water table. The entire mid west is flooded with toxic pesticides which are draining down into the Gulf of Mexico killing off the entire ecosystem in the water. The area is now known as the Dead Zone where no fish survive.

Another side effect of the spraying is that many hearty weeds in the fields are becoming pesticide resistant and their growth warrants more spraying by the concerned farmers. It is a terrible mess we have allowed in the US which can be easily solved with holistic land management.

Holistic Land Management


I took my family to a local holistic land manager to see where we buy our beef and meet the rancher. Joe and Julie Morris of Morris Grassfed Beef held an amazing afternoon lunch and tour of what it means to raise cattle in a sustainable, beautiful way that nourishes the land as well as our bodies. I encourage you to look them up and start supporting others that are supporting your health as well as the health of our planet.

Of course family run farms do not put $$$ in Monsanto's pocket and you can be sure he is doing everything in his power to keep selling pesticides like Round Up. In fact, world wide Monsanto is trying to buy up every seed source so there is no seed competition from his Round Up ready seeds. We need to act fast to prevent this from happening. You can go to Say No to GMO and see what steps to take next.

What Does GMO Do to My Body?

Round Up works by tearing a hole in the abdomen of the insect that ingests the plant sprayed with it. The sad thing is, I see a parallel happening in our own bodies. People in the US are eating these GMO foods and the same pesticides that rip a hole in the insects' abdomen are damaging the lining of our small intestine. Intestinal permeability or "leaky gut" is a serious issue today causing a number of health problems. If you suffer from one of these symptoms, you would benefit from healing your gut lining.

Symptoms of Intestinal Permeability

  1. Seasonal Allergies

  2. Food Intolerances or allergies

  3. Autoimmune disorders

  4. Irritable bowel syndrome

  5. Headaches or brain fog

  6. Chronic fatigue or depression

  7. Chronic diarrhea or constipation

  8. A weakened immune sytem

  9. Autism or mood swings

  10. Inflammation and skin conditions

The second parallel is similar to the unwanted weeds growing resistant to the pesticides. Humans are developing unwanted parasites, intestinal infections, and bad bacterial flora that is antibiotic resistant in our own digestive tract. We need to stop eating meats with antibiotics, stop eating foods with genetically modified properties that our body cannot digest, and stop allowing harmful toxins into our gut. Our intestine thrives with healthy bacteria, but we are growing the wrong weeds and feeding the wrong bugs.

Good Clean Food

The first way to help you gut heal is to remove the stressors, or the foods that are toxic to the gut. The best way to do that is to always buy organic food, not sprayed with pesticides, not fed hormones, not genetically modified, and LOCALLY grown so that it did not get stored for weeks in a toxic environment.

Here are some labels you can follow to source good clean foods.

Unknown Unknown Unknown-1Unknown-2

Buy clean food for you and your family; it may be more expensive, but you cannot put a price on your health. Lives are precious, so feed your family healthy foods and celebrate together!


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