Step 2 On Your Way to Perfect Health?

Step 2 On Your Way to Perfect Health?


Step 1 to building a healthy food foundation was all about removing the stressors. Stressors to the body can occur in the toxic food we eat, in the toxic personal and household products we use every day, with anxiety, and the negative voice within our head. Step 1 is to remove these stressors and Step 2 is all about filling that void.

Rule 2: Eat a Nutrient Dense Diet


Are you eating a nutrient dense diet? Do you not only avoid GMO foods but look for the most vitamin rich, colorful produce and the most humanely raised on pasture animals? Do you consume a mixture of raw, cooked and fermented foods? And most importantly, do you COOK food at home?

Eating in this way can save your life and your kid's lives too. The difference between pulling out a frozen pizza and rolling dough together can make or break your digestive health. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution when frozen dinners and Betty Crocker became household words that spared the housewife from her tedious kitchen duties, cooking has digressed in popularity.

Today, however, cooking is making a stellar comeback and it could not have happened soon enough. Generation Y has been claimed to be the first generation that will not outlive their parents. We need to make a change NOW! To regain our health there is no better way than by cooking nutrient dense food at home.


Anyone Can Cook

When you cook, you know exactly what ingredients are going into your food. I LOVE to eat out, but there are only a handful of restaurants in most cities that only use ORGANIC and PASTURED meats. Most restaurants cook with cheap GMO canola oils and use way more cheap salt and rancid oil than one would ever consider adding to a meal at home.

The trick to cooking is buying AWESOME ingredients. Honestly, you don't have to have knife skills or know how the oven works to toss together a simple salad. Finding awesome ingredients can be very frustrating when you shop at a warehouse with oversized carts knocking into you while you try to decipher whether you are looking at a dog toy or old vegetables. Or you try to browse the local grocery store with more packages of unknown ingredients that are most likely not food surrounded by kids melting down.

There is a Better Way

What if I were to tell you, you could browse a website full of local, organic, pasture raised, sustainable food? We are talking about a gorgeous spread of nutrient dense material at your fingertips. You could choose from the amazing LOCAL producers of REAL, clean, nutrient dense food and have that food arrive at your doorstep.

For my California Bay Area residents, I give you Grub Market. I found Grub Market through one of my favorite ranchers, Phil Zeiter. Phil runs Family Friendly Farms and produces the kind of meat I can stand behind. As a holistic nutritionist, it is important for me to help others find their perfect health by eating clean, nutrient dense food. Pastured animals have been proven to have higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. If you want to eat really clean sustainable meat, get to know your farmer and eat only from those you trust.


  1. Eat fresh, clean, local food from your garden, the farmer's market or a delivery service you can trust like Grub Market.
  2. Know your farmer and buy only humanely raised animals that lived healthy lives on the diet nature intended for them like they do at Family Friendly Farms.
  3. Cook your own food. Grab a recipe from Food Foundation, make your family a meal, and celebrate the flavors of REAL food.

Eat foods as close to how they appear in nature and they will have the best flavor, be the most nutrient dense, and beneficial for your body. Buy products that were raised with love, cook them with love, and share them with people you love. You will LOVE the way you feel and you will be two steps closer to your perfect health.

Quality Food - Same Day Delivery


Not in the Bay Area? No problem, these magnificent online grocers are popping up in most metropolitan cities. When I spent a summer in Shanghai, I loved the quality and convenience of Fields which delivered it that day. Grub Market in the CA bay area goes one step further and picks up the products that morning and delivers it that day. When I lived in NY, I would shop from Fresh Direct and now there is Urban Organic. Just google: organic delivery service (enter your city) and find the one nearest you.

The prices are not outrageous considering this food was raised with love, it is full of nutrients that will bring you closer to perfect health and it is conveniently delivered to your door. I know on a Thursday afternoon when I am struggling to get dinner on the table, pick up kids from school, and prepare for the weekend I will pay a premium for that convenience.

Do you have a Grub Market in your region where we can buy nutrient dense food? Please share with us the name and link below so our international friends can check it out.





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