Step 4 to Perfect Health

Step 4 to Perfect Health


We are nearly complete with my five important steps for perfect health. Step 1 is to remove the stressors. Are you wondering what "the stressors" are? Then you need to try my Food Foundation Detox. The Summer Detox begins June 22nd and is the easiest way to achieve your perfect health in just 28 days.

Step 2 is to eat a nutrient dense diet. The last 7 weeks I've discussed the many benefits from the beautiful colors of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. Looking for recipe ideas? Take a peak under my Kitchen Ninja Training menu for some delicious recipes to share with the whole family.

Step 3 was a shocker, eat more mud. It turns out playing in the dirt and making mud pies may just save your health. When discussing mud, don't forget the importance of water. We love our coffees, teas, sodas, beer, and wine but what about our pure clean water?

Today we are going to talk about Step 4, probably the most obvious factor in health. We must all move our bodies to keep them active and healthy. I think of the word exercise in the same way that I think about a diet; dull and laborious. The trick is to find something you LOVE and get out there and do it!


Even exercise is a controversial subject when it comes to defining how much is too much or too little. If you are seriously out of shape, a long distance run could give you a heart attack before any weight loss. It's so important for us to find the activity that suits our fitness level and then to work up to those 4th of July 5K fun runs.

Research has shown that a mere 20 minutes a day is substantial. Even a simple walk outdoors in the fresh air can have a huge impact on your health. A hard core workout can stress your organs especially your adrenals if you are not fit enough to do it. My advice is to take it slow and make sure you are doing something you love. Practice everyday and sooner than you can say Food Foundation Summer Detox you will be ready for that killer workout.

Whether it is gardening, walking, yoga, running, swimming, dancing, or biking get outside and go do it. Exercise improves circulation which helps filter out toxins through sweat. Working out builds new muscles, strengthens veins and the heart, reducing your chance of heart disease.

The best kinds of activities are those that force you into a myriad of actions like animals perform in nature. Think of how many muscle groups you would cover if you were to climb, run, squat, jump, pull, lift, and crawl. Watch a child scale a playground structure and imagine how youthful and in shape you would be with that range of motion. Be careful of repetitive motion like running on a treadmill for 20 minutes a day that can over stress specific muscle groups and ignore others.

I am not saying avoid the treadmill, if you love it and that works for you, go for it! All I am saying is that playing hide and seek with your kids in the park for 20 minutes could give you the same benefits. Mix it up a little and have some fun. Here are 5 ways you can try to step up your health with some fun family activities.


5 Fun Family Exercise Ideas

  1. Go for a walk on a trail where you can climb rocks and trees, squat down to inspect bugs, jump across paths, and get some fresh air.
  2. Take a bike ride to the park for a pic nic and play with your kids on the equipment.
  3. Work together in your garden or a community garden, shovel dirt, squat and crawl in the dirt. You will boost your Step 3 to perfect health too.
  4. Walk to a nearby school and play four square or basketball with your kids or neighborhood kids.
  5. Make up a silly obstacle course around a playground, your house, or a nearby school. Ask each other to do 10 jumping jacks with 10 silly words, walk downstairs backwards, crawl across park benches, jump from landmark to landmark, and swing like a hanging octopus. You will be giggling and working those stomach muscles in no time.

One of the first things you will notice is how constant exercise improves your mood and can help eradicate unnecessary anger outbursts. Take it out on the dance floor with a Zumba class or bat it out at the cages. Punch the anger into a punching bag or swim it out with a repetitive meditation. It's important to reduce all stressors to the body. When adults allow tension to fester, nasty temper tantrums happen.

Next week we will wrap this up with the final step to perfect health. Do you think you know what it is? Try to guess below in the comments: what do I believe is the 5th most important step to perfect health?

Real Stories from Real People 03

Real Stories from Real People 03

Step 3 to Perfect Health: Eat More Mud

Step 3 to Perfect Health: Eat More Mud