Attack of the Killer Foods

Attack of the Killer Foods


I wish we could just read one article about nutrition every morning that told the truth? Exactly what to eat for perfect health, what to avoid for a disease-free life, and which killer foods are attacking our health next?

Pardon me for using a sensationalized title, but it's to prove a point. Did the title make you feel anxious about what foods are deadly?

Food blogs can be so sensationalized, they often scare you from eating anything, not to mention they can confuse the heck out of you.

It's time to take charge of your own health, decide what is your perfect diet and lifestyle, and follow through. I wrote the Food Foundation Detox to empower you to detox from all of the other diets that say they will save your life for you.

I want to put you in the driver's seat.

There is no one size fits all answer. As long as you're eating REAL food instead of processed and cooking whole foods at home your health will improve.

My job is to offer lists of appropriate foods to choose from, easy recipes to cook at home, and give you my time and support the whole way through. Your job is to take those lists and recipes as inspiration to create a diet and lifestyle that you can sustain and enjoy.

Most diets and detoxes are not enjoyable.

They take the fun out of eating and cooking REAL food and often make you eat pre-packaged box food, weird shakes, and synthetic protein bars.

I'm a foodie at heart! When I started doing detoxes, I hated them! I couldn't stand being told not to eat something I loved. I would get so stressed out that my body could never relax or heal.

With research and experience, I've learned what junk foods don't love me back and what REAL foods make me fall in love with my food, my body, and my life! It' a personal journey but I can help you find your way through these crazy nutritional headlines too.

If you join us in the fall detox, please don't do it because you want to punish yourself and drop a ton of weight so quickly you starve every cell from the nutrition it deserves.

Do it because you want the information to be able to walk into the grocery store and know what to buy for your health and the health of your family.

Do the Fall Detox so the next time you read a headline like "Attack of the Killer Foods" you'll see right through the scare tactic.

I struggled through fad diets until I finally went back to school for holistic nutrition. Now, I can help you avoid the struggles I went through. Let me help you find your unique path to a healthy diet and lifestyle that works for you.

Come celebrate with me, I just turned 40 and never felt better.

I've dropped the price of the detox to $40 in celebration and I 've included 2 free cookbooks to help you succeed. These recipes are not fancy, they are pictures of my table at home and meant to inspire you to cook from your heart.

Register today, our fall detox begins September 21st, 2015.


BTW this is my kombucha, it's killer! But it definitely doesn't attack! :)




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