What Came First, the Sex or the Headache?

What Came First, the Sex or the Headache?


A client recently revealed she was receiving headaches with sex. Not the kind we're used to with the old, "honey not tonight..." lines. No, this was like a migraine directly after orgasm that ended with total amnesia for a few hours.  Not a pretty picture, but strange as it sounds, this rare story my client was so embarrased to share, happens all the time.

I'm not a doctor, so my goal is not to treat this occurrence. I simply want to make a few points clear to help you with treatment in a busy world where you barely find time to go the doctor. Here are 3 time saving tips to help you find your answer.

1. Tell your practitioner everything!

The more information you hold back, the less we can serve you. Really, that person in the white coat is not able to read your mind and has no idea what you do, what you eat, or what pills, herbs, or supplements you are taking in your free time.

Could a headache be related to a vitamin. YES! Especially if that vitamin has a food allergen or a cross reactivity with some other medication you are taking.

Could amnesia have to do with having an orgasm? Apparently so, and it's called TGA, or transient global amnesia.

2. Share the embarrassing parts!

Afraid to point out that wart on your inner thigh? Scared it may be skin cancer? How will you know if you don't point it out to a specialist? Take the guesswork out of it and share your secrets with someone who can help.

Had my client not shared that embarrassing secret about her personal life, she may have thought she was having a brain aneurysm and stressed herself to death.

Luckily, the internet allowed my client to research a little in privacy and see that she was not alone. After a few articles she felt ready to share her story with a professional.

What I find interesting is that there are literally 100s of stories out there, but the medical industry shows only 3 out of 100,000 people are reported to have this condition. And most of them are men. But wait...all of the stories I read were of women.

Do you actually think this only happens to men? Or is more likely that woman aren't sharing it with others. My client was embarrassed to tell me, another woman who talks about orgasms openly in her real food detox.

How many other woman out there do you think experience strange occurrences like this and are just not sharing? My guess is a lot of women.

3. Help your practitioner help you!

As a holistic health care provider, you better believe that we go into this line of work to help people. We want nothing more than to cure each person that passes through our door, but that is just not a reality

In reality people often wait a long time, allowing things to fester, until they finally can't stand it anymore. Then they make it in to see a Dr., share a few symptoms, and hope for a miracle drug.

Next time, I recommend you make a list of all irregular symptoms and be sure to divulge any new information such as work related chemical exposure, change in stress levels, change in diet, new additions of pets, etc.

Please understand, that divulging the really deep secrets will most likely get down to the root cause of your problems. For climax driven amnesia, that root cause is often a bearing down, much like when woman do when they give birth.

When reading this I immediately recalled that moment in my two children's births and funny enough, I have a bit of amnesia myself. I can't remember what it felt like or what happened during my natural births. Hmmm come to think it, maybe this is the bodies way of protecting itself from the trauma of birth and why women are able to do it again and again.

Well that's another topic for another blog. But for now I hope you bring those crazy symptoms to your practitioner and get the help you deserve.


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