Best Fish in the World!

Best Fish in the World!


Best fish in the world is a bold statement to make, and not one I lightly give out. Please don't read this blog if you're looking for the cheapest priced, GMO corn fed, farmed guppies. SenaSea Seafoods is a special find for me; one that's only for people who value quality over quantity.

I've been sourcing organic vegetables, grass-fed pastured meats, and sustainable seafood for a decade now and my family has seen amazing health changes. We've also learned what to look for.

We get a little suspicious when our "Alaskan salmon" looks like it's been dyed red and we cringe when we see farmed fish fed GMO corn and grain. Feeding land grown grain to fish is kind of ridiculous if you think about it. What fish grow up eating a natural diet in a corn field?

Is it the Dept. of Ag's mission to add corn to everything?

Well, luckily for small family businesses, we can find REAL food. Meet Sena, pronounced (scene - a), a third generation fisherwoman from the Northern Cascades of Washington. Her husband, Rich, learned how to fish on her father's boat 15 years ago and hasn't stopped since. In fact, SenaSea only sells fish that they catch by hand on their small boat.


Sena and Rich have 3 kids, the oldest 10 and the youngest 3, all of which had food allergies. Luckily, Sena had a background in food science and started adjusting the kids' diets. She began sourcing good food and realized just how difficult it is.

After long fishing trips, the family would drive around delivering their highly sought after fish and soon enough the demand overtook their schedules. When the couple decided they could spread the wealth of good health, SenaSea was born.

Sena and Rich could have simply sold their fish to a processor for a pretty penny, but they weren't ready to hand over their high quality product. Without undermining their competitors, this family has instead pushed the boundaries to make sure every customer gets the best product ever!


I just received my first sampler and it totally exceeded my expectations. I was told what day to be home so the product did't sit on my porch. Even though it sat for an hour while I was away, the box was frozen solid with dry ice. Don't even get me started on how much fun my kids had with the 1st dry ice they've ever seen.

I pulled out the Copper River Coho Salmon which is known as having the best flavor in the world, (see I was't exaggerating in the title). I wish I had a photo of my meal for you, but it was so tasty we ate it immediately. In a taste test with the "Wild Alaskan Salmon" from Whole Foods, the store bought didn't even stand a chance.

The fish was wrapped in food grade plastic without BPA, but SenaSea even took the precaution to wrap the fish in parchment paper to avoid contact with the plastic. Wow! This is a family that really cares about my health.

SenaSea is a family business that cares about your health!

So please check out the SenaSea Seafoods page, and give them some love. I promise I'm not an affiliate and not going to make a dime on your purchase. But if you get a chance to taste the amazing, mouth watering flesh of fresh, Alaskan, hand-caught fish, I want to know about it.

Please let us know below in the comments or on the Food Foundation Facebook page if you've joined "team quality."  Quality over quantity is going to be the medicine of the future, and you can make a difference in your health starting right now!



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