3 Foods to Break Up With NOW!

3 Foods to Break Up With NOW!


Are you dating the wrong foods? Are you offering these guys your body, when they do nothing but abuse it? Well sorry sister, but you deserve better! I know changing your diet sounds like a lot of work, but you can feel 100 X better with a little tweak that's honestly not that hard. Here are 3 foods to break up with NOW!

1. Canola Oil

Pamphlets that list canola as a heart healthy fat are incorrect. Canola is a polyunsaturated fat which is in theory good for the body. However when a polyunsaturated fat is heated, exposed to light, or high temperature processing (such as commercial vegetable oils) it's completely damaged, as in turned into a trans fatty acid.

I can't stand to see food companies lie about this with their schemie marketing that says 0g trans fatty acids. Did you know that they're allowed to round to 0 as long as there's less than .5 g of trans fatty acids per serving size? Most serving sizes are 1Tbsp so your oil can have .44 grams of trans fatty acid per Tbsp.

I explained to my daughter how canola oil causes gallbladder attacks, migraines, and inflammation and how my clients see those symptoms disappear when they simply eat REAL fats. I gave her a list of healthy fats such as butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.

She began her own little research and came across these videos. One is how coconut oil is made, a gorgeous video about coconuts and water. The other is of canola, bleached, deodorized, and mixed with toxins. She showed me her research and said "mom, I see why you don't want me to eat canola, it's poison!"

By: david pacey

2. Sugar

Obesity was never a problem when farmers ate bacon and eggs every morning before working the fields. But now with our low fat muffins (aka sugar and canola cakes), our diet sodas, fruit juice smoothies, and our artificial sweeteners in everything from catsup to salad dressing. We just can't manage our blood sugar,

It's no wonder that not having diabetes is soon to be the minority.

Trust me there's not a single artificial sweetener that's OK for the human body. I gave up everything from corn syrup to refined white sugar my first year of holistic healing and it was incredible!

I transformed from a raging hypoglycemic that would faint if I hadn't eaten in 2 hours to a healthy, stable mom, that went back to school, went back to work, and still had energy to burn teaching dance and yoga.

Here's the trick: You don't have to give up sweet foods. Simply replace your sugar with coconut sugar, full of minerals and much lower on the glycemic index. Use raw honey to sweeten your drinks and maple syrup or real fruit in your baked goods.

Enjoy the sweetness of REAL foods.

3. Fruit Juice

Imagine this scenario: you wake up tired, drink a mug of coffee with creamer (2 tsp sugar), eat a muffin (9 tsp sugar), and then drink a pint of OJ (7 tsp sugar), thinking the vitamin C will boost your immune system.

Sugar is the immune system's worst enemy, especially when that sugar is hidden in fruit juice.

Fruit has become a dangerous food to overeat because our bodies are receiving way to much fructose. You can blame high fructose corn syrup for that little dilemma. Now we are bombarded by fructose and we have nearly obliterated our chances of eating fruit for health.

If you pick a heritage apple from a tree, you'll enjoy about 1.5 tsp of sugar and the benefits of fiber, vitamins etc. Fast forward to the GMO apple of today that doesn't brown because of it's 6 tsp of sugar. Now "juice" that, actually don't because it makes a brown frothy drink that you're probably not used to.

Instead force it through a processing plant, add perfumes or "natural flavor" to make your juice flavor consistent, add white grape juice concentrate or other sugars necessary to sweeten the drink. Then drink the 8 apples and 1 bunch of grapes that went into your juice and watch your insulin soar.

You may think, well juice is better than soda. Sorry, both are tragic to the body, especially of a small child. The drink I explained, a box of apple juice, hits the body like 8 tsp of sugar, I won't even start on soda, that falls under sugar (see above).

My kids gave up their daily meltdowns when I stopped buying juice. Yes, my son asked for it daily, but I repeated with love. "I don't have any juice, here is some water. Would you like a REAL apple?"

There you have it folks, the top 3 health crushers in America. Try eliminating one of these for a month and visual improvements in your families' health will blow you away!

I would love to hear about your challenges or successes. Let us know what food you plan to break up with today!


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