Vaccinations - Are they safe or sorry?

Vaccinations - Are they safe or sorry?


I've held off as long as possible to speak on this topic. It seems most of my conversations these days begin with, "Jessica, how do you feel about the new vaccination law?" Read here for my short and sweet take on the matter and a few tips on what we can do to be better safe than sorry.

In case you haven't been following the CA news, this topic is heated because on June 30, 2015 SB277 was  passed through the CA Legislature and signed in by Governor Jerry Brown. This vaccine bill eliminates a parent's right to exempt their child from one or all vaccinations.

CA Parents are now legally mandated to give their children more than 40 doses of the 10 federally recommended vaccines in order to attend public and private schools and public or private daycares. The bill also allows any additional vaccines to be added if deemed necessary.

The only exemption is a medical one which is damn near impossible to get in CA. So unless you are that rare, talented parent that can pull off homeschooling, you are losing your right to decide what is injected into your child.

This is where I voice my opinion. I honestly do NOT disagree with the fundamentals of vaccinations. I think that the idea is necessary in our world. My belief is that the immune system is our 1st and greatest tool against infectious diseases, but unfortunately people spend the majority of their day suppressing and wiping out their immune systems.

My belief is that the immune system is our greatest tool against infectious diseases

So we need help and vaccines are the 2nd best option. My problem is that vaccines are so poorly made; they include deadly ingedients such as mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde. Seriously, people, we can buy aluminum free baking powder, but the pharmaceutical companies can't afford to make an aluminum free vaccine?

With the high number of mercury toxicity cases, I find it ridiculous that our medical system is not working for us. Why on earth would you recommend a flu shot every year to someone who is immune compromised to begin with when we know it is full of toxic ingredients like mercury?

My wish is that we hold the pharmaceutical companies responsible for this. It's obvious they only care about the money or else they wouldn't fight the cases of children harmed from vaccines so adamantly. I'm not even interested in fighting against the vaccine, my children are both up to date on their shots. But can we please find one without aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and all of the other garbage used to make cheap harmful products?

I think the pharmaceutical industry can afford to find us a safe vaccine.

I work in a busy practice where vaccines are handed out every day, but luckily the doctors are contemporary enough to accept a delayed schedule. Please understand that a child under the age of 6 months old has not fully developed their immune system yet, and an immune destructive vaccine could be very harmful to their system. I recommend we wait until after 6 months of age and then proceed slowly with one vaccine at a time and continually build the immune system in between shots.

Read my 10 Tips to boost your immune system to help your family withstand the attack of vaccines. Remember it's your immune system that is the most important tool against infectious diseases.

Although I believe some vaccinations are helpful, I don't agree with unnecessary injections of flu shots. For people with seriously compromised immune systems the flu vaccine may be helpful. It's designed to protect you against the one strain of flu that's projected to be a problem. It's a bit of a gamble that I'm simply not going to take.

The year I had my second child I gave my poor daughter the flu vaccine as recommended. She didn't catch the flu that year, instead she caught the vaccine resistant swine flu when her immune system was compromised from the vaccine. Watching her fever and vomit for 2 weeks was enough to scare me for life. I will never ask another family member to go through that ever.

That was 6 years ago when I decided to ramp up my family's immune system instead of taking a chance with the flu vaccine. I'm happy to report they've been healthy, antibiotic free, and flu free ever since. So there's my story and my big pet peeve. I wish that pharmaceutical companies, loaded with cash could come up with an aluminum, mercury, and toxic free vaccine. If baking powder can do it, so can we.



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