Top 10 Gift List for 2015

Top 10 Gift List for 2015


This year I'm all about the tastes and treasures of nutrient dense, handmade food. I admit, I'm not a great gift giver because I don't often focus on things, especially useless things. My minimalist side thinks that things harm the planet with excess garbage and waste and I get buyers remorse. However, I have carefully chosen these top 10 items that will improve your health, support great businesses, and are simply too delicious to be wasted.

Here's My Top 10 Gift List for 2015:

1. Senasea Seafoods Smoked Salmon

SenaSea_logo_image 3

Senasea Seafoods is a family business in Washington state, they fish on their own boats, and send the highest quality fish I've found. I'm sending the smoked salmon gift box to my loved ones this year and probably one to myself too.

2. Kendall's Bees' Honey and Homemade Chapsticks


I visited Kendal's hives last month after meeting her at a wellness fair. I hope to visit her again this month to load up on local honey for my friends in the bay area, honey sticks for the kids, and homemade chapsticks for stocking stuffers. You can order her darling jars of  raw honey online at Kendal's Bees.

3. Firefly Kitchens Probiotic Foods

ECK image Firefly Kitchens

So you understand that sour krauts and pickles are probiotic foods, and good for your health, but you just don't have time to make them. My girl Julie with Firefly Kitchens can help you out this season. Send a good dose of probiotic food to someone you care about. Buy a combo pack for serving up at holiday parties. For the adventurous types, try her cookbook and start making your own probiotic foods.

4. Mosa Whipped Cream Canister


This is my most coveted kitchen ninja tool. It turns a can of coconut cream or a pint of heavy whipping cream into a whipped cream topping in a matter of seconds. That is worth its weight in gold! The Mosa Whipped Cream Dispenser is awesome when you want to make this Baked Oatmeal Cake for breakfast or turn a simple bowl of blackberries into a decadent dessert.

5. Silpat Baking Liners

I do a lot of cooking, baking, whatever you want to call it; I throw a lot of things on to the baking sheets. Whether I use it to roast a pumpkin or a ton of veggies, throw a rack of ribs on it, or bake some gluten-free cookies, I always reach for my Silpat reusable baking liners. These last forever, nothing sticks to them, and they make clean up a breeze.

6. Bone Broth

I make my own bone broth and and always gift it to friends that are under the weather. But, if you simply don't have time to sit around and boil bones, the best broth available online comes from Lance Roll, The Flavor Chef in Carlsbad, CA. His genuine chicken bone broth is a staple in many health expert's kitchens nation wide and I LOVE it!

7. Blum & Bru Broths


These beautiful packets of herbs and spices were my special find this year at the Weston A Price Conference for REAL sustainable food. I only bought 4 and gave them away so quickly, I need to order another batch. You can find an appropriate blend for your hormonal, energetic, or digestive needs and add the mix to your bone broth or water. Blum and Bru Broths are beautifully packaged and just have that simple special feel.

8. Homemade Sugar Spice Scrub

I've been giving this gift for some time now and people love it. It uses up those old bags of brown sugar and smells like a delicious dessert. I call it my "Dirty Old Men Scrub" for fun with the guys and "Sugar and Spice for Girls That are Nice Scrub" for my gals. No matter who uses it, everyone in the house will thank you and ask for more. Check out my non toxic homemade scrub recipe and whip some up in a few minutes.

9. Olive Oil

Maybe it's just me, but I think olive oil is the perfect gift. Everyone uses it or should be using it and there are so many wonderful companies making beautiful products. Be sure to read my blog about imposters not using pure olive oil and the studies to prove it by UC Davis. I include a top 10 list as seen in the study and a few of my favorites too. This year I'm going with Cloud 9 Olive Oils and Vinegars because they are local, they are an award winning company, and most importantly they are delicious!

10. Basket of Homegrown Produce

I think that gifts have gotten out of control to be perfectly honest. My Meyers Lemon tree goes crazy with lemons in winter and I want to share the bounty in a beautiful basket. I hope there comes a time when that's enough. When we forget about the $$ allotted per gift, the secret Santa lists, and the itemized wish lists... seriously people?

Isn't gift giving about sharing the things you love with those that you love? I would love nothing more than time carved out to be together, some overflow from your garden, or maybe a little token that you were thinking of me. But if it stressed you out to get that gift, I think we've lost touch...

So there's my top 10 Gift list for 2015, I hope you find a little treasure to share with someone you love or maybe something for yourself in the New Year.

May this new year be the time that you decide to take care of your health, build a healthy food foundation, and fall in love with your food, your body, and your life!


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