Secret path to healing from chronic disease.

Secret path to healing from chronic disease.


I see a nation that's suffering from chronic diseases, but I hope for a future of health. Especially when it's easier than you think. If I told you the secret path to healing from chronic disease, would be willing to take it?

"Four of the top ten causes of deaths today are chronic diseases with well-established links to diet: coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer." - Michael Pollan

Is it any surprise when I say the common root of these 4 problems is diet. It's true, and the best success stories don't come from pharmaceuticals, they come from the people who make a change in the way they eat.

It’s never too late to change your diet and heal from chronic disease.

Yes, people can live for about 30 years on Twinkies and soda before they develop a chronic disease. The human body has an amazing ability to heal. Our diet alone is the only tool the human body needs to resolve the symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and more.

"The human animal is well adapted to a great many different diets. The Western diet, however, is not one of them." -Michael Pollan

It's very simple to eat in a way that fuels your body for success and helps it avoid these life threatening diseases. You simply have to think back to the original diets that consisted of animals, plants, and whole grains.

It does't mean boring foods, thanks to paleo chefs, artisinal foodies, Slow Food, and the Weston A Price movement. We have amazing recipes that are pure comfort food and deliciously decadent.

IMG_4340 I know it's confusing to find what's healthy anymore when packaging claims that foods are “natural” and “fresh.” The bottom line is, if the food has a package claiming it's healthy, it's most likely not. Blueberries don't need labels, neither does fresh fish, or raw almonds. You hold these foods in your hand and there is no question about the ingredients.

However, pick up a Ketchup bottle and you’ll be amazed at how much sugar and fillers it takes to make a tomato sauce. Look for a "healthy" box of cereal and you'll end up with flakes of processed corn, wheat, or oat, covered in sugar, and preservatives.

Sorry to beak it to you friends, but there’s no such thing as a healthy box of cereal.

Boxes of cereal replaced real nutrition from eggs, pork sausages, oatmeal, and homemade breads with butter. People took time to make their breakfast as though it was an art form and ritual to feed their families a healthy meal before they headed out to work and school.

Now we throw a bowl of sugared cereal at our kids, fill it with skim milk sugar, and expect them to sit still and concentrate. Then we subdue their energy with medicine so they don’t appear to have ADD in a classroom where they sit all day.

We’re doing it all wrong. The secret path to avoid disease is the opposite of the bowl of sugar in the morning. It’s eating the food that nature provides us. Sitting down with family and friends and filling our tummies each meal with delicious REAL food.

The Food Foundation is all about helping you find these foods. Please know that every recipe found on my website is fuel for a healthy family, both researched, tested, and approved by my own family and community of detoxers. My secret path that you must follow involves 3 basic steps to eating REAL healthy food.

Secret Path to Healing From Chronic Disease

  1. Shop at a farmer's market, grow a garden, or a join a CSA to eat plants and animals that were grown locally, seasonally, and without additives or drugs.
  2. Cook your own food. It's not that hard to learn, but the difference is monumental for your health. My recipes are not fancy; they make beginners feel like true chefs.
  3. Sit down, relax, and enjoy your food. The stressful life we lead prevents us from digesting and hence absorbing the nutrients we need to survive.

Our lives are beautiful gifts, and our bodies are amazing healing machines. Everyone has the chance to live a long happy healthy life. Yes, some of us were born with challenges, but we can change our genes, our habits, and our health.

So check out a few recipes and get started building your healthy food foundation today. Share your favorite dishes in the comments below. My healing path started with A Happy Meal.

Stracciatella - Egg Drop Soup

Stracciatella - Egg Drop Soup

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