Gift From the Kitchen With Love

Gift From the Kitchen With Love


I love birthdays! They give you a reason to tell someone you appreciate them when you might otherwise forget. As I sit here on my birthday, reading the many wishes on Facebook, and remembering my special moments of the year, I feel surrounded by love. IMG_Bdaycurry

This year one of  my friends made me a gift from the kitchen with love. Homemade lunch to go has to be one of the coolest birthday gifts I've ever received. Saving a working mom from prepping a meal is next to sainthood in my book. And I started thinking about how far we have diverted from the simple act of cooking for one another on our special day.

My mother-in-law, one of the best gift givers on this planet, has not forgotten this lost art. In fact, for my daughter's 10th birthday, she baked a 32 layer cake. I've attached a photo in case you don't believe me. Trust me, I counted in my own disbelief just to make sure. My husband bragged about this cake when we first met, and I promised him I would make more than 32 layers of cake in our lifetime together, one layer at a time.

32 Layer cake_5762

I'm not saying you need to be an overachiever that makes a 32 layer cake when you barely toss a box of brownie mix together for bake sales, but the act of kindness of a gift from the kitchen with love is something to consider. These overly frosted, ugly cakes from the store just don't say I love you. I think they say damn, it's your birthday and I have another errand to run.

If you are like me, however, and your baked cakes end up looking like tossed cookies in a pie dish, there is still hope. One year we made our own muffins, a very simple recipe, and then let my daughter decorate them on her own. Wow! children love to take control of their own desserts more than I expected. She thanked me over and over for making her special cupcakes and was so proud to serve them.


Not all adults like cake, or maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but my friend considered this about me. Instead of a plate full of cupcakes that say, "I want you to get fat on your birthday", she made a beautiful bowl full of healthy curry. Racing around my busy schedule, I ran into the house and had a beautiful meal to simply heat and enjoy, she made my day!


Thank you Suzanne

I see a gift from the kitchen with love most often when newborns arrive. Friends and family are getting better at putting together meal plans for the new mom. I LOVE participating in these and think we should extend them to birthdays. Everyone deserves to have this special treatment, even if you aren't getting pregnant and having kids.

If you're afraid of what the person likes or doesn't like, give them a call and ask. Let them know that you're thinking of them and want to bring them a meal. It warmed my heart to think that someone was thinking of me on my special day. If cooking is what stops you up, try one of these simple recipes that would make a great gift from the kitchen with love.

Trail Mix Parfait

Chocolate covered strawberries

Gluten Free Almond Cookies

Homemade Roasted Salsa

Maybe the food part is not your style or your receiver doesn't want to eat. Don't give up! My mom always thinks of the coolest hand made gifts. One year it was dry rub seasoning that we put on everything, it was so delicious! She made Homemade laundry soap from my own recipe, which took away one of my weekly chores of making it, and spray bottles full of homemade non-toxic house cleaner.

One year I shared homemade body scrub with my girlfriends, and my friend has since pampered me with her homemade soaps, bug deterrent creams, and body salves all made out of edible ingredients.

Maybe you already have an idea for a gift from the kitchen with love? Please send a photo or an idea of a time that you made a special gift. Let's revive this age old art of sharing a gift from the kitchen with love.


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