Fall Detox Begins Mon Sep 26th


I know you've been thinking about it, wondering if it seems like the right time to clean up your diet. Wondering if there's some little tip I'm going to share this time that will make it all make sense. I know it's not easy to eat healthy all of the time, especially in today's society. It's your birthday, and then your kid's birthday, and then there's the wedding, and the girls night out, oh please don't take away my girls night out!

You can, however, do this detox, and have your oatmeal cake, and eat it too!


This is not a starvation diet, not a yo-yo diet, or a strange way to make you feel bad abut your eating habits. This is an education on how to fall in love with your food, your body, and your life.

This detox is for you! Pregnant, breastfeeding, under weight, over weight, man, child, grandparent, depressed, immune-compromised, etc. etc. etc. Everyone can benefit from eating the right foods.

I LOVE this program and I am still editing and adding more and more details for the same old price. $59 today will get you my cookbook, my private list of healthy foods, a guide to the 16 foods that boost your detox, the detox podcast, and my private Facebook forum for detoxers.

Join a community of supportive people who love to talk REAL food and I'll be there to help you succeed!


We begin Monday September 26th, so join now and get ready!

Rosemary Cashews

Rosemary Cashews

What does Jessica eat?

What does Jessica eat?