Winter Detox Podcast

The winter detox is over, but the milestones people are accomplishing have just begun.

If you didn’t join us this time, but you’re curious what topics we cover, then check out this podcast. The final winter detox podcast covers questions asked by people like you, who wonder about hot topics, but find the abundance of misinformation on the internet to be overwhelming.

Podcast Topics

  • High oxalate foods; am I eating too many?
  • How to properly prepare beans for maximum digestion and less gas
  • HSV breakouts, why now and how you can resolve them quickly
  • Calories, whole fat and the logic behind raw milk

Let us know what questions pop up in your mind and I will try to get to them in the next podcast. Until then…

Eat wisely!

Date Pecan Balls

Date Pecan Balls

Podcast Week 1 of Winter Detox