10 tips to help you succeed in your detox:


  1. BE PREPARED - Cook big batches and stock up the freezer. Reinvent your leftovers such as dinner veggies in an omelet. Splurge on local, seasonal, pesticide and hormone free food. Have plenty of snacks on hand.
  2. SLEEP - I cannot stress enough the importance of 8 or more hours of sleep each night. Sleep is crucial in the detoxing period and will help you feel the strength to go on.
  3. BREAD ALTERNATIVES - Having burgers or tacos? Make yours without tortillas or bread over a salad. Making pasta? Serve your sauce over spaghetti squash, meatballs, zucchini noodles or Jovial brand brown rice noodles.
  4. IT'S ALL FAIR GAME - Don't let the word breakfast confine you. I love Ratatouille for breakfast, Caprese salad, or any salad with an egg on top. It is important to get up, to break the fast, and get your metabolism working.
  5. NO NUKES - Avoid the microwave when cooking or reheating your food. It completely alters your food and denatures the nutrients you are trying to put into your body. Try to slow down and cook your own food.
  6. THINK AHEAD - Going out? Look up the menu ahead of time. A protein with veggies is best and try to eat early so you have at least two hours to digest before bedtime.
  7. DRINK WATER - Before you eat, drink 8oz of water and then see if you are still "hungry". Stay hydrated:  drink at least half of your body weight in ounces a day of pure filtered water.
  8. DE-STRESS - Cut down on stress, especially stressful people, and unnecessary work. Just say no. Do not  stress about being perfect on the detox. If you mess up, just keep going. Do not give up!
  9. NO DRUGS - The liver has trouble detoxing white it is trying to rid the body of chemicals. Unless you are on a prescription from a doctor, I encourage you to avoid aspirins, anti-histamines, laxatives, decongestants, antacids and all OTC drugs that only treat the symptoms not the root cause.
  10. EXERCISE - It is not mandatory to hit the treadmill to lose weight. But sweating and feeling those endorphins will help rid the body of toxins, and make you feel good. So get out there and do something you love!