We all want to put a healthy meal on the table even though we barely get the kids home 30 minutes before dinner.

Kitchen Ninja Training will help you learn what to buy and how to cook it. We only use healthy ingredients to make good old comfort food. Who can say no to nutrient dense pumpkin pie?

Cooking Party

Let's prepare your favorite foods. Your kitchen, your friends, my workshop means you'll learn how to cook amazing foods at your own home party.

  • Pickling and fermenting
  • Body Balms, Detergent, Scrubs, and Lotions
  • Kid approved lunches, snacks, and meals they can cook solo

Kitchen Optimization

Getting your kitchen organized is key to working quickly and efficiently when it's time to make a meal. Let's optimize your kitchen, choose the tools you need, and stock up on the right products.


Need a customized meal plan or some rewritten recipes? I've got your back for all your unique kitchen ninja needs. Call me for a free 15 minute consultation Mon-Fri 9a-5p at 650-763-0007.