Almond Cookies Gluten Free

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

These are so much more healthy than those gluten-free junk food cookies at the market. Remember, just because it says gluten free does not make it health food. I only say gluten free in the heading so that people searching for gluten free options can find these easy, but that's not why these cookies are healthy. These almond cookies are healthy because the are full of real food ingredients.

Funny story: the kids and I met my husband at his work for lunch in the big silicon valley cafeteria. My son wanted pizza, of course, and I looked at the two options.

Pizza dough - wheat flour, yeast, sea salt, water

Gluten free dough - water, tapioca starch, canola oil, sugar, xantham gum, sugar, cultured corn syrup, etc.

Are you kidding me?

I hope it's obvious why we allowed him the wheat and yeast. Unless you are suffering from Celiac disease, you would be better off with the gluten. Even if you do have celiac's disease, you should never order the 2nd option which is sold in every market.

All of those other ingredients that are added to make up for the fact that gluten free food tastes like cardboard are adding to the destruction of our guts.

I offer you these almond cookies as a naturally gluten free food, that tastes amazing. I even make them into the shapes of fingers for 2 reasons.

  1. It's really fun to make "werewolf" fingers for Halloween or "finger foods" for a party.
  2. The slivered almond "finger nail" alerts people that these have nuts in case they have allergies.

Have fun making these, they are so incredibly fast and easy. My 6 year old often makes them right after school. It doesn't make a big batch so keep them small and save a few for breakfast for a quick healthy snack.