Best Tea for Acid Reflux

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

I used to suffer from the worst acid reflux, I was literally afraid to eat anything. Then I tried holistic medicine and thought I had it under control. Until 2020 happened, and the familiar burn started up again. 

In college when the burning started, I tried to meet it with antacids, but I couldn’t keep up. Each time I tried a new brand, the reflux would disappear, but come right back as soon as I ate those delicious trigger foods that every college student needs to survive: coffee, cookies, French fries, alcohol, you know… the essentials.

During my first pregnancy, the doctor put a name on my symptoms, GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease, but that didn't help it go away. I lived on antacids and was never taught that they contain aspirin which raised my risk of bleeding and lowered my chance of healing from ulcers. I thought it was just my burden to bear.

It wasn’t until I watched my aunt Karen go through chemotherapy for brain cancer, that I learned how to heal from reflux naturally. Although given 6 months to live in her diagnose, my aunt Karen changed her entire lifestyle and diet and extended her life another 10 years.

She gave up the trigger foods that were causing inflammation and nausea, the root causes for GERD, and made real food from scratch. This 2 ingredient tea was her recipe and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s delicious, soothing, healing, and I added a bonus ingredient that makes it a powerful elixir to reduce inflammation.

Since I started drinking this tea, the burning disappeared and I’ve been able to work on eliminating my root causes: stress, eating too many carbs, and imbalanced gut bacteria. The best part is that I’ve been able to reincorporate some of my favorite trigger foods: coffee, alcohol, you know…  the important ones.

You can find the herbs I used from Mountain Rose Herbs or sometimes a bulk health food store carries them. I found my secret ingredient at Whole Foods and due to its rise in popularity, I’ve started seeing it in more and more local grocery stores. If you can’t find it fresh, you can always use dried turmeric., but be careful it stains everything bright yellow.

I make this tea with a few pieces of fresh ginger for it’s ability to reduce nausea, a few pieces of licorice root to soothe the lining of the throat and sweeten the tea, and a few slices of fresh turmeric root to reduce inflammation. Fill the pot with water and simmer gently for 20minutes or longer. This tea is an amazing elixir for acid reflux and it tastes delicious!

Let me know if you like the tea and if it helps soothe your throat and belly. 😊