Rice Wraps

By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

These little gems are inspired by Vietnamese spring rolls wrapped in rice paper wraps and filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and shrimp. Of course we have taken the liberty of adding extra ingredients we love and we have simplified the process so that even a five year old can make his own. My five year old makes these for us on nights when it is too hot to cook and mommy just needs a break! Impromptu lunches are also a great time to whip out these ingredients and allow guests to take part in creating their own meal. Whenever we start a production like this meal, we always make extra for the next days' lunch box. It saves me precious time in the morning and my kids always finish eating the creations they are proud of.

The true Vietnamese rice wraps are always done in white rice wraps and are very inexpensive at the Asian markets.  I also love these brown rice wraps found at Whole Foods or here on Amazon.