By Jessica Campbell, MS, FNTP

My go to dinner for quick comfort food the whole family loves. Here is how I turn an onion, mushrooms and meat into a Stroganoff, gourmet "Hamburger Helper" style. My father's favorite dish was Beef Stroganoff so we ate it a lot as kids. "Stroganoff again" my brother and I would whine. What really works with this recipe is that you can completely improvise with the ingredients to use what your family finds delicious. You can also change it slightly and make it look like a whole new dish each week, so you don't hear the dreaded, "Stroganoff again?"

I have changed the ingredients so much, it reminds me of Hamburger Helper, those MSG boxes with 100 variations so popular in the 90's. It will always have some type of meat, some form of dairy, and some starch to soak up the goodness. This recipe is basically a gourmet Hamburger Helper, but we like the fancy name, Stroganoff.